• La Belleza De Capadocia <br><h1>Capadocia <span>Cueva</span> Hotel</h1>
    La Belleza De Capadocia

    Capadocia Cueva Hotel

  • Explorar Oportunidades<h1>  <span>Cueva</span>Hotel</h1>
    Explorar Oportunidades


  • Está lleno de oportunidades<h1><span>Capadocia</span> Precio Hotel Cueva </h1>
    Está lleno de oportunidades

    Capadocia Precio Hotel Cueva

  • Todo   Patrimonio de   Capadocia en<br> <span>    Hotel Gamirasu </span>
    Todo Patrimonio de Capadocia en
    Hotel Gamirasu



Trip Advisor

Michele Perry 2007

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Looking for somewhere unusual to stay?

Online travel networking tool TripAdvisor has released a list of the world's 10 quirkiest lodgings according to traveller popularity and TripAdvisor editors. "Our quirky hotel list is perfect for travelers seeking something out of the ordinary," said Michele Perry, director of communications for TripAdvisor. Following is the list, with average nightly rate unless stated otherwise:

6. Gamirasu Cave Hotel: Ayvali Koyu, Urgup, Turkey A cave dwelling and restored monastic retreat, the Gamirasu Cave Hotel features windy passages and rooms overlooking the village of Ayvali. A layer of volcanic rock, also known as Tufa, keeps the caves warm in the winter and cool in the summer. 

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