• La Belleza De Capadocia <br><h1>Capadocia <span>Cueva</span> Hotel</h1>
    La Belleza De Capadocia

    Capadocia Cueva Hotel

  • Explorar Oportunidades<h1>  <span>Cueva</span>Hotel</h1>
    Explorar Oportunidades


  • Está lleno de oportunidades<h1><span>Capadocia</span> Precio Hotel Cueva </h1>
    Está lleno de oportunidades

    Capadocia Precio Hotel Cueva

  • Todo   Patrimonio de   Capadocia en<br> <span>    Hotel Gamirasu </span>
    Todo Patrimonio de Capadocia en
    Hotel Gamirasu



M & C Magazine

November 2005

Top-Tier Lodging

Unique hotel rooms in trees, rocks or lighthouses ...

In Cappadocia, Turkey, at the 18 room Gamirasu Cave Hotel ( www.gamirasu.com ), visitors stay in former monk's quaerters carved out of the hillside or made from volcanic rock. Some suites have vaulted ceilings and valley views...